Your Cataclysmic Cryogenic Fluid Gaze

Poem By Tufail Ahmad shah


Date: | Read: 280

Your cryogenic fluid gaze,
Emanating from those mascara laden limpid glacial pool eyes,
Fell whisperingly incident on my erratically damaged physical being,
like a stream of photons ,
with passionate threshold frequency,
Ejecting heterogeneously variegated electrons,
of love,desire,disdain despair,hope.
For a moment I thought this phenomenal kaleidoscopic cataclysm calmed to tranquil..
But with every passing second ,
it became more penetrating,more consuming,more piercing;
Transmogrifying me into a dilute gas of "Bosons",
And particles of negligible degree of freedom.
Ah!! Half of my being occupied the lowest quantum state,
Thus I became a Point Macroscopic Quantum Phenomenon.

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About Writer

Tufail Ahmad shah, India

Student.....Msc zoology.....B.ed


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