Waste Land

Poem By Qaisar Bashir Lone


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Waste Land
Urdu poem by Praveen Shakir
Translated by Qaisar Bashir

Save Thee, the luscious cold summer days appear glum
O’ the sky looks compunction!
Breeze murmurs some sad strain
Rose petals look athirst
It seems
The air has turned dry due to rainfall
The morn appears desolate,
For in the city 'You' are seen no more
How arduous it’s to live here!
Dejections--- Dejections!

Sans Thee, every emerald shady hedge is striped bald in the wildness
Now, no tree looks clad in green
All the time, wrinkled caramel leaves loiter to search You
Dejections--- Dejections!

Everyday the sun peered through my casements
But now it has lost that radiance
Which in 'Your' times would fall on earth
To embellish it's surface
O’ the earth, too, is as I’m!

Sans Thee, she too won’t grow a flower
For the land has now become sterile
And my blooming inward eye too!
From the web of my mind,
How shall the crystal gems of muse take shape?
For, I’m barren,
And nowhere___ I notice a cloud of grace
Between 'You' and me falls the city of five rivers
(Yet accessing even mud water pools is a distant dream)
How come I write verse?
O’ You, revivify my invention with Thy Grace!
Save Thee, I’m a waste land!

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Qaisar Bashir Lone, India

Qaisar Bashir was born in Bandipora, Kashmir, in 1988. He did his M A in English in 2010. His interestes are reading and writing. He has poems and research articles, mainly discussing themes about Kashmir, published in international Journals. His translation of a Kashmiri novel, Akh Dour by Bansi Nirdoush, will be soon published.

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