Wake Humanity Wake



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The name I heard since childhood

Was not Kashmir but the disputed area

They fought, shed blood for this Promised Land,

Seventy years passed, generations suffered…

Called it POK or IOK, or by any other name

An explosion! And bodies are blown into pieces

Youth are bereft of their dream-career…

Wake Humanity wake from the deep slumber


Where is your civilized garb, humanity?

You are now destitute, with tattered clothes

Lacking all your grandeur, all your shame

Lost economy may regain but lost virginity...?

A school girl loses her way back to home

The goons strip off her clothes,

And the wasteland echoes with her cries…

Wake Humanity wake from the deep slumber


Don’t proclaim ‘I am a Kashmiri?’

Conceal your identity, as long as you can

And if you lisp that K..., you will be lynched

People die like dogs, they manipulate speeches

And call it collateral damage

A boy wails besides the corpse of his father

Who will shroud the poor man’s body?

Wake Humanity wake from the deep slumber


The citizen of the world I am, and to me

Frontiers serve no purpose

Imaginary lines they are, shaped by you and me

Human lives are lost,

Be it on frontier or in the centre

In the cross boarder shelling,

A son is snatched from his mother

Wake Humanity wake from the deep slumber


The time is apt to reteach a lesson;

The boy, man and hapless girl were amongst us

The corpses at the border

And the pallet-pierced bodies belong to humans

K…belongs to none, neither of them,

For it is HOK, Human-Occupied Kashmir

They gave up hate, blood thirstiness and cried out;

 “Wake Humanity wake from the deep slumber”

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Nayeem Ahmad Shah is Assistant Professor in Higher Education Department of J &K.

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