The Saga Of Floods in Kashmir

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These days when it rains for a day or two— a flood warning is sounded. People move to safer areas. Flood and Irrigation Control Department monitors the situation and disseminates the first-hand information. Higher officials of the government visit the vulnerable areas and encourage people that there is no harm if such a situation knocks at your door, do leave and move to the other safer areas. They motivate them and make them understand “life is more important.” Robust technology is at place and weather related information proves beneficial. That makes Kashmir weatherman Sonam Lotus a popular name in Kashmir. He predicts well.

Misinformation wreaks havoc. Rumors spread like wildfire. And that creates problems. People get panicked and especially women. People should at least confirm the news first and then only reproduce it. Better is to wait for the official announcements. Let the concerned department warn people and tell them to move. That is the way. Media has a role to play when such a situation arises. That will spread only the authentic information and put an end to rumors.

One thing is really good, people are more conscious now. Government is ready and concerned. We know that flood is a kind of natural disaster and affects humans to a great extent. We cannot avoid it completely but we can prevent it, reduce the risk and ultimately avert it. Awareness serves the good purpose. We should expect the harm and help at the same time. Self-help is important. That is why focus on strengthening the capacity building is gaining momentum. Thrust is given to the community based preparedness to enhance their coping capacity and make the community resilient. Disaster risk reduction with sustainable development is the latest approach.

Who can forget the 2014 Kashmir floods, no one really! Incessant rains and a number of cloudbursts in September did it all. It was unexpected and may be never expected. But nature had some other plans. Life came to a halt. Almost everyone got affected. Many a lives were lost and many sustained minor injuries. Property worth thousands of crores was lost. Flood furry shattered our dreams of developing Kashmir. We were pushed back to the Stone Age. Livestock and agriculture suffered a huge damage and we were left to the mercy of God.

Somehow, some way we survived. And rise again. However its flashbacks continue to haunt us. Its catastrophic aftermath was really terrible and can never be a less forgotten memory but a fresh one like in the reality.

Recently when it rained for a day, there were a lot of speculations that the floods may once again hit the valley like previously of a greater magnitude. These were speculations only and there was no reality in it.

Whenever it rains now, you get to see these fake stories cooking and smelling like anything. They have nothing to say but “Flood: Aav hai ti gov kott”.

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