The Last Sigh

Poem By Qaisar Bashir Lone


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After they metal holed my heart
I and death were no longer apart
The last sigh that evening I heaved
When my sire, mother, siblings bereaved
Of me and the demise of my beloved
My corpse in the courtyard and the crowd:
Men, women, old, young shouting slogans,
Forces shot aerial shots in abundance
At them stones were flung in exchange
O’ they didn't get hit for they're out of range!
Big procession took to streets in no time
For it was on the Tyrant's side a big crime
No more in the world of mortals was I 
Yet I could feel the heart piercing cry
Of the people's of my land: the Eden hell
Where ear-cut vixen dances like a bell
Articulating only that dream: a vision
Leaving everyone helpless as a pigeon
Under the ruthless claws of a fierce cat
Though vows a secure future: a mere bait

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About Writer

Qaisar Bashir Lone, India

Qaisar Bashir was born in Bandipora, Kashmir, in 1988. He did his M A in English in 2010. His interestes are reading and writing. He has poems and research articles, mainly discussing themes about Kashmir, published in international Journals. His translation of a Kashmiri novel, Akh Dour by Bansi Nirdoush, will be soon published.


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