The Destiny is Walking by your side

Poem By Malak Tariq


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Holy men in herds went by,
Some with fervor,some with sigh
Meditating or praying all day
Keeping all vices at bay
Early teachers pacify the soul
Mountain tops personify the goal
Still something is left unsaid
Life becomes a dark death bed
Killing the deeper energy to bloom
Up to the brim,it fills with gloom
Why are my prayers going in rejection
Why have I lost the sacred connection
Farmer sowing seeds of hope
Still the heart wishes to dope
Dishonoring ourselves so in light 
Self healing is out of sight
Boldly pursuing our Lord
Unknown fears still cut the Cord....

Enriching the lives of others
Thinking of strangers as brothers
Spreading gifts of humanity
Still with love and insanity
Is the real destiny of dreams
Here is when true faith screams
Larger than life are my thoughts
Opening all the tangled knots

Almighty knows what's in thee
He has planned the destiny
The more you love ,the more you serve
The more better it will be

Know yourself and connect to Him
The destiny is calling even when life is dim.....
The destiny is walking by
Don't rush away, don't you cry
This shall pass, just give a try
The destiny is walking by...the destiny is walking by your side......

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