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Hey Mudu! Muduuu! Wait for a moment I am coming,yelled my friend at shanawaz Hair dresser. I could not wait for him as the sun was burning us with its intense heat. It was very sunny like an oven.The sun might be upset with the pollution we humans have caused. This is the result of Global warming we read about in newspaper daily. I was thinking this when I heard an old lady hollering; ya cha taaf kin tawan (is it sunlight or calamity?) I said comically in very low voice the sun had breakup with the moon so is burning at the noon. Before I could get into the bus, a fruit seller was alluring his customers at few steps, bananas forty Rupees a dozen, mangoes 50 rupees a kilo….At few steps to him, was an kulfi seller, I wanted to buy one but he was a busy bee. I dropped this idea because of the scorching heat above but before I could move on I remembered a video clip my brother had send me yesterday. It had a strong message to help those people who sit along road sides and sell homemade things. These are selfless people and they don’t beg. They make their earnings on this and make their both ends meet.i wanted to help someone fair and square, so i went to an old lady wearing long earrings, zebra stripped phiran. She was a toyseller. I wanted to buy an aero plane for my little cousin. She started praising her toys as if they her living pets. She was at his best in her skills that I could not utter a word. She sold this wonderful toy to me in 150 rupees. I was happily walking towards the bus when my friend startled me with his new hairstyle. It was very strange and funny. We get into the bus talking about the hairstyle. 
The scene in the bus was a black and white movie of 60s.The broken mirror panes, filthy seat covers, loose doors producing strange sounds add to the sufferings of passengers. One would suffocate in such an environment. What was more awkward was to find a seat for yourself. This is because one would find school bags, polythene bags and other eatables on every seat. Everyone would say this seat is pre-occupied. The funniest thing about that day was a person of 50s has placed his wallet on the seat to claim it. Such things were routine in our bus, once a while we would luckily get a seat for us to relax. Even than we had to vacate that for someone known or elder person who would suddenly appear like the Djinn.I was happy when a sweet lady of 40s at the penultimate seat allowed me to sit on the seat she was sitting. Unfortunately my friend could not make it that day also. I insisted him to sit on my knees but he refused to it. After all men will be men. The lady was criticizing the transport corporation of our state. She was right because even the ladies had to suffer despite reserving the seats for ladies. The reason to this was ignorance of men and unawareness in women. We should follow rules and don’t let people suffer because of our ignorance. Meanwhile the conductor was asking standees to move backwards and stand in two rows. The scene was quite funny as my friend had to move back and forth to adjust himself. The bus was already 15 minutes late but still was moving like a limping rabbit. The conductor was allowing more passengers one after another when it was already full. When the bus arrived on national highway the roof of the bus was full with pessengers.some persons were hanging on the iron rods attached to the backside of the bus. Sometimes people outcry at the drivers but they would turn deaf ear or would argue to get out of the bus. On the highway the drivers move at a very high speed to compensate with the timing. This had lead to dreadful accidents a number of times.
Although people aspire to reach to their stops quickly, I got engaged in talks with the lady. She said she is a teacher. She asked me, what are you doing? I am studying, I replied. Studying what? She said. Doing Bsc, this is my final year.Good! What is your plan? She enquired. I wanted to do pg in zoology, I said. She then asked a number of things to which I replied gently.She advised me not to give up in life no matter what happens. Life is a struggle, if you work hard persistently, you will succeed one day. Success is accomplishment of an aim or purpose, good or bad but it means different things for different people. Suppose you want to ride a bike, which you cannot. Riding a bike can be success for you. We achieve success in a number of things but we don’t realize them. Once we start appreciating ourselves for excellence in different spheres of our lives, the goal we presume success which in actuality is our dream will be easy for us to achieve. Our conscious will continuously boost our confidence to accomplish impossible tasks.afterall we need inspiration while pursuing for success. It is not a one step process but a continuous hard work, perseverance, learning, and sacrifice. There is no short cut to success; one has to put his heart, mind and soul into his acts. This is because if you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Before she would continue with her golden words I reached my stop and I had to drop out of the bus. She wished me luck for my life and I too thanked her for advice.
At 4 o`clock I reached my home, had lunch. My grandma was not at hom,.before I could ask about her she opened the door and entered in. She had my uncle with her and they had visited success party of our relative who has qualified JKPSC civil services. This is the kind of achievement a person dreams off .She was an average student but she made it after four years of hardwork.She does not lose her courage and patience even in deep water.She does not give up despite three unsuccessful attempts. She worked persistently, does not waste her time, stay focused with her goal and today she made us all proud, said my uncle angrily to me. Before he would continue his lecture, a friend of mine was calling for me at our doorstep. This added up his anger a bit more & he narrated to me his story of struggles in his life. He foamed at the mouth when he saw me unattentive.At the age of 33 he was jobless, dependent on his family but he did not give up. He lost his father when he was doing Msc Horticulture at Ajmer. He did not know that till he returned after 3 months. He did not blame his destiny but accepted it as a decision of God. He wanted to do something for his father. He did not lost his cool, aimed high, worked hard and today he is an officer. He dreamed it even when he was left with hobson's choice.He was stressing on high thinking, which I understood when he said aim for a star. if you miss it, you would land on the moon. I was looking for an excuse to join my friends which was provided by his wife who needs his help in the kitchen. Uncle`s entry into kitchen, made a way out for me.
I run hurriedly towards playground to join my teammates for a match but it had already started 15 minutes before. I was late, so the organizer deducted our 15 runs for that. Our Capitan was upset with me as this was the semi-final but I kept out of the way whenever he sees me. The Baramulla eleven had won the toss and chose to bat. They put 185 runs in 20 overs on the board. It was big total. We could have restricted them to 130 but we dropped a number of catches. A couple of misfields and 25 extras would cost us, said our Captain angrily in the dressing room. He lost his cool and played fast and lose with the players for their misfields. He was right but a team need confidence on such situations. I being vice-captain relaxed the room, boosted my teammates and reassured them we are in. It is our turn guys, shouted one of the spectator. We had a strong batting line up; among us Muzamil was at his best. He scored 85 runs.kaleem was at 49 when he was given out.That was a wrong decision, every one shouted in the field. His dismissal left the team in the lurch.The organizers as usual were in favor of opposition to win. It was bad day for us we lost by 12 runs. A day of joy turned into a day of misery. Although the team was happy with the effort but it pained me unwillingly know the life has taught me a lesson at wrong time. Successful people are punctual. No matter if you become successful, if it is not in time; it needs time.
At night, I was upset with the defeated.I was in my room when my sweetheart grandma was asking for me. She loves me and had always supported me. Even today you lost? She said mockingly. She then quickly said make some changes in your team. You need friendly environment in the team where one can trust on teammates, practice a lot and you will make it. This is not a national team, I replied to her awkwardly. The guys in our school will tease us, I am worried about that. What you worry about others? She asked strangely.peolple will tease and criticize you even if you will make it to mars. You work on your game, improve your weak areas. Don`t fear defeat, winning and losing is a part of game. You win some and you lose some. You are a winner if you go till the end without losing your enthusiaism.My grandma is such an encouranger; she motivates me all the time. She wanted me to apply these principles in my life and persuaded me to study when I have no interest for studies. This is the golden rule of a successful life, she said to me wisely. Sleep well my son! She then drift off to bed at ten. The next day at school was a new day, a new beginning and a new life.

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This article is about low job profile in j&k state.why a poor paid employees easily get corrupt.what our youth should focus besides studying.


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