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Probably everybody among you would share the same thought that awareness of varying styles of conceptualization help us understand the wide individual differences in the way students react to different approaches of teaching. Some students seem to be characteristically reflective and some impulsive. However, impulsive students have fast conceptual tempo. They tend to come-forth with the first answer they can think of and are very much concerned about giving quick responses. In that way, they often win plaudits of their teachers. On the contrary, reflective students take time before they speak. They seem to prefer to evaluate alternative answers and to give correct rather than quick responses. It is the short period of meditations that has labeled the reflective students as slow learners.
Notwithstanding the fact that reflective students perform better tasks requiring analysis of the details, they are often under-estimated and suppressed. The commonest fate is mental depression. In classroom discussions, these students cannot have their inside out. They suffer badly.
Slow learners are those pupils who have limited ability due to different reason in the education process. It is advance word for “backward” or “mentally retarded” and “educationally subnormal”. There are different reasons for slow learning, sometimes it is due to the mental ability, background, illiterate parents, culture problems, avoiding by the parents in early childhood, or due to mental illness. Untrained teachers, class size, poor leadership, inadequate staff, communication problem and lack of resources etc. can be the other reasons. However, transfer of teachers in the middle of the session, unsafe environment and violence are terribly the big three reasons.
Talents differ. Some are born genius, or great. But many can be learned and cultivated. In contrary, it is opposite. Only born are welcomed and rest are discouraged. I remember one such incident that happened a few years ago. I was in college. There was a class test going on in chemistry. I was not done with my test. Then the class teacher asked everyone in the classroom to verify their answers as he'd take the papers in about 15 minutes, as the clock struck the quarter past 12 O'clock. I don't know what was going on in my mind then but, on hearing that, I got worried and tried hard to pen down as much as possible in the remaining part of time. But, my luck! The (genius) boy sitting beside me called the teacher and told him about my great act, which I never did, "Sir, he is copying". I was slowly dragging my right hand index finger over my answer sheet. It lost its path. Confusion, in total confusion, I tried to collect myself but failed miserably. I didn't know what to say. And then, the teacher slapped me, slapped twice! Even before I was prepared to breathe in some fresh air, another one came hurling at me. Not only this, he also snatched my answer sheet and scolded me by saying , "you're an invalid, a cheater, and would remain a slow learner for ages and ages to come.
" I was dumbfounded and left with these words, only, "I agree, I'm a slow learner, knowing just a few things, holding them tight and learning many a new things and that is the best thing a learner can do." I still laugh every time I think about that incident."
Just because a student has average grades in high school doesn't mean he or she won't succeed in college. An average or a slow learner isn't an idiot, or a stupid jellyfish. As a matter of fact these people are actually very talented, only that they need extra time and care to digest what they study. In-fact such people will leave you in awe once they accomplish what quick learners can never do. See the good in them; see where the mistake is. Encourage them and witness the sea change.
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