Of Tears Blood And Hope

Poem By Tufail Ahmad shah


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Remember these tears and the blood
Will someday meet,
Forming confluence, a beautiful mix
Will go deeper
Into the soils of my homeland;
They have in them everything,
Minerals of faith, nutrients of determination,
Fire of hope and resurrection;
They will surely germinate the dormant seed
Of our hope into the seedlings,
That will grow ceaselessly into a lofty tree.
Tree with branches and boughs,
Boughs harboring nests full of eggs.
Birds of giant wingspan will burst out flying,
Carrying small hopes on their wings,
Weaving them into the big dreams,
Tall fecund claims...
Like they weave with the straw pieces,
Their homes- a hope, the future for their progeny...

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Tufail Ahmad shah, India

Student.....Msc zoology.....B.ed

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