Nice To Meet You

Poem By Syed Ishfaq Fazli


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How did stars appear before dusk?
How did moon smile to me?
Though at first I liked it not
As I was in habit to stay with clouds
And the sign of a streak of light
Was to me a sign of fear
Yet there is sweet taste
In meeting the eye-views together
To-night a question only I asked
To the God while gripping his collar in my hand
For, why the moon does not appear alone?
Why these legions follow her?
I fainted in his arms while questioning
And said, I will open the gates
Of my desert and weep and sigh
If only it would be
That moon and night and I alone
And would meet to-night
And make an endless conversation
God smiled, sighed and said,
"You met her tonight!
Soon the light dissolved in an illumination-
By the sweet voice of Mou’zin
Stars disappeared a little earlier,
And the moon with her eyes straight
Said, Nice to meet You!

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