My Land Kashmir

Poem By Mehak Aara


Date: | Read: 250

Numb and silence,
Solitude with echoes,
Dark winter nights,
Black summer light,
Empty road and curfewed life
Cardoned area for clashes
Bullets to shred innocence
Pellets to blind our eyes
Posionous shells to kill crowd
Tear gases with free shrouds
Mothers & sisters-longing, crying
Dirty politics and slient rapes 
Jail don't spare even our children
People shout "Freedom! O'Freedom!"
My valley, is deserted KASHMIR
Paradise, was but KASHMIR
Burning, is now KASHMIR
Lost, is everyone KASHMIR
Year after year ,they gift us
Dozens of bouquets of red flowers.

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About Writer

Mehak Aara, India

'Mehak Aara' is a budding poetess from the beautiful vale of Sogam Lolab. She is studying Biochemistry in New Delhi...


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