Lusty Tulips

Poem By Qaisar Bashir Lone


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Lusty tulips,
Looking for a life new,
Are plucked down
Before to their full bloom.
From every corner,
Consciously not perchance,
Arrows of death pierce them,
Snatch their flowering charm
And the garden homing them
Looks ugly
Smells as lily
For the cannibal crown is
Thumbing the Center
He messes everything
Plays havoc
And ruins the hapless vale,
That once was a paradise,
Which every now and then
Turns vermilion
When a metal jacket boat tail,
A stray bullet aimed straight,
Hits the tulips having no guilt
Other than showing their beauty around,
Are killed in cold blood
Who shed crimson fluid
Through their eyes:
Passages metal drilled.

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About Writer

Qaisar Bashir Lone, India

Qaisar Bashir was born in Bandipora, Kashmir, in 1988. He did his M A in English in 2010. His interestes are reading and writing. He has poems and research articles, mainly discussing themes about Kashmir, published in international Journals. His translation of a Kashmiri novel, Akh Dour by Bansi Nirdoush, will be soon published.


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