Longing (Orizoye)

Poem By Nisar Azam


Date: | Read: 312

After an age, perhaps
It is upheaval all around
The Jalodbhava has emerged yet again
In different form, and in disguise
And he
Has a new name, a new attire
He roams in villages and towns
Plays a flute that mesmerizes
Anyone who listens, follows him
He strangely entices 
Attracts to fascinating ideas
He has laid his net on the street corners
Whosoever is visible, is consumed 

He Robbers innocent springs
Loots villages and cities
Oh God, listen please
Send once more to this land
Someone like the Kashyap rishi, 

One who can make a breach, yet again
At the khadinyaar
The turbulent rivers would drain out
The land of saints would blossom 
With flowers golden
This jalodbhava should disappear.

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About Writer

Nisar Azam, India

Nisar Azam is a one of prominent poet of Kashmir Valley. His major publication is his book "Patte Leji Zoon Daras"...

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