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In this era people are bound to suffer due to necessities and new desires. Living with dignity is in itself a challenge. One has to pass through immense pressures and cope up with the world. In case a person chooses what the opportunity provides him; the person is bound to fall prey to poverty. This is because we are living in a society where after achieving highest excellence in one's studies, one has to peruse low profile job. One can't fulfill the basic necessities of his own or his family. This is the point where a helpless person got corrupt, because he is left with no choice. He has to crawl in dirt to feed his family. This pollutes his consciousness and with time becomes a dishonest person. The pressure of a family forces a principled person to succumb to corruption.

The present job profile of our state with minimum wages (salary) is not less than slavery and the employees are mere forced labors. If one has to work like a donkey and he is not paid accordingly then what is he? Obviously some of you might question my writing but the thing is I am concerned about it. On the other hand people in power hardly worry about it. Every year more unemployed youth are filling the gaps. This will lead to severe competition; however the vacancies remain the same. The steps need to be taken positively to accommodate more and more youth. Otherwise the young talent willing to serve the country remains unproductive. The people in power need to create enough opportunities for youth with handsome salaries and let them join hands in the development of the nation. This will help figuring out the corruption rates.
Until our government would ponder on this and would provide better job facilities, our youth has to manage their affairs individually. Setting up a business would be a good option and those who hasn't the required capital can do part time job. Some may find new venues to peruse but until your dreams are unfulfilled keep moving and don't give up.

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Mahi Mudasir Khan, India

This article is about low job profile in j&k state.why a poor paid employees easily get corrupt.what our youth should focus besides studying.


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