I Am Not Alone

Poem By Tufail Ahmad shah


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What if I am blinded,
Not to see the shawl crescent,
I have created in my isolated chamber,
Hundred such crescents moving,
On the walls,
In the infinite cloudless ceiling sky,
Giving me news of glory and Eid.
What if I am separated from my kin, my blood,
This night of melancholy fills in my hollow heart,
With the fire of desire,
Stars and galaxies,
So that every heart beat will pump stars and comets into my veins.
What if I am kept inside wanting,
I engrave deep the letters of freedom,
On the iron bars of my cage,
Not too shallow to get filled with the dust of betrayal,
But to retain their eternity.
What if you have destroyed my retina,
Perforated my cornea,
Can you take away the light of my heart's eye.
What if you have challenged me,
By taking away my limbs,
For I have already macadamized the ruins of this road,
To make the ride worthwhile.

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Tufail Ahmad shah, India

Student.....Msc zoology.....B.ed

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