How I Shall Forget

Poem By Qaisar Bashir Lone


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How I shall forget the pain 
You wittingly inflicted on me 
And the pellets 
You showered like rain
On my fragile body!
Amidst chaos when I,
To my utmost, pleaded not to fire
That I've a mother and siblings
Yet You pumped in my thigh
A bullet and I,
Heaving a deep sigh
Like a lovesick, 
Fell down on the road 
Dangerous to walk upon. 
None came running 
Not even for humanity's sake 
To pick me up and lead me about
To a hospital by 
So that I may live.
Oh! I forget. 
There isn't a conducive one 
In Bandipour, is there?
They dragged me along the road: 
Hell pits submerged. 
I couldn't even scream
For I was almost numb 
And all my body parts 
Though living were in fact dead
As if lying supine on a bed
And my head dangling. 
A white Rukhshuk emerging 
From nowhere came like a bier 
Into which I was bundled 
Without dressing of my thigh
And taken, I don't know where
For I was blindfolded too 
And from the corner, 
They had tucked me in, 
I didn't move
They scolded me, kicked, slapped 
Till the Rukhshak, saviour inverse, 
Reached to its destination.
There they kicked me 
Pulled my hair 
Canned my bums like drums
I could not wail or cry
The well of my tears was dry 
Blows came from every side
Till I was like a cur
Shut inside a room: a hell
Where every evening they’d torture
My half-dead pygmy corpse 
Before it would go to sleep.

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About Writer

Qaisar Bashir Lone, India

Qaisar Bashir was born in Bandipora, Kashmir, in 1988. He did his M A in English in 2010. His interestes are reading and writing. He has poems and research articles, mainly discussing themes about Kashmir, published in international Journals. His translation of a Kashmiri novel, Akh Dour by Bansi Nirdoush, will be soon published.


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