Bleeding Wound

Poem By Aamir shafat


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-------Bleeding Wound-----
There was Battle at brow
War in the trenches of forhead
Like dark springs of inferno
In the canals of palm
Rivers rushed red
In palm- line coffins
I saw my injuries waiting for funeral
Like the begging sory tears of ancient Adam
There was a blistering rush
In the brook of my unscrambled heart
With the back toed feet
There came the rascal delve
Filled the can of blood , from my bubbling heart
Like cigar smoke in dense fog
He disappeared at the devils gate
I wondered - I wondered at the cause of my blood
There was no injury to stitch
And no scar to bandage
There was the Noah's flood
Without a Creek without a cry
The god of treatment drowned in it
In the long boats of my injuries
Pain sailed with slam-shouts
When failed all pedantic experts of brain
Then by the adroit diagnosis of love
Did the nature of my injury I understand
There was no scar no wound to doctor
A nib tip thorn that her foot caught
Was the macbre injury in my heart.

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About Writer

Aamir shafat, India

B.A Honours ' English ' Amar Singh Collage
Pursuing P.G English Last sem' , K.U


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