Sarfaraz to KAS Sarafarz: The story of a KAS enthusiast who is now a KAS officer

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A youngster from the pulwama district of Kashmir Valley, who overcame massive odds to emerge successful in the all-important Civil Services examinations, has proved that poverty and middle class is not an impediment to success. Sarfaraz Ahmad (25), son of Abdul Ahad Bhat cracked the civil service examinations with a rank of 13. Sarfaraz's story is inspiring not because he did not lose heart but also because he comes from a middle class background and worked odd jobs.
"I did not know how to become a KAS officer but I knew clearing the state's top examinations can change my fortune", he said, adding that poverty cannot be a hurdle if one has determination and is willing work hard. I did not attend any coaching classes nor anybody guide me. I studied from the books and notes. It has also proved the impression that students from public schools alone can do well in these exams is a myth. Even when my brother was alive, I never saw them disgusted and heard them grumbling for poverty that has stricken our family," he said.
Throughout his life, he had lived with only one dream — to become an officer of the Kashmir Administrative Service. For him that was the only way. And when he broke the news to his family, that he was ranked 13 among 99 successful candidates in his first attempt at the exam — it was the turn of his sister, brothers and father to weep with unbridled joy.
‘Besides the Civil Services, I had no option’
“I could not afford to have any other career goal. My life would have been absolutely futile had I not made it into the civil services”, says Sarafraz.
“You must understand that my circumstances were such that besides the Civil Services, I had no option. I didn’t have much of a chance with lower government jobs because they are mostly fixed, neither could I start a business because I had no money. The only thing I could do was dedication and work hard at my studies.”
To add to his woes was the power cut that extended between 10 and 12 hours every day. But bad times soon befell the family. His younger brother got killed during trouble situation in J&K while Sarfaraz was in school. For 10 years there was acute hardship it was getting very tough for him. Kashmir needs a tight administration. As for me, I want to be a good officer. We are the agents of change and I as an administrator would like to inform common people about their right to know, their right to information. The benefit should finally go to the people.
Qualifying civil service was in my mid since the period I was pursuing Graduation from Govt. Degree college Pulwama. He says that (ICP) Shehnaz Bukhari, and Dr. Shah Faesal was his inspiration.
“I have interacted with Shehnaz sir and Faesal sir many times attended their lecturers counseling classes has been very significant and it helped me a lot to perform in both mains and interview”.
After completing his master’s degree in Political Science in 2012 with top rank, he qualified SET as well in same subject. Sarfaraz was working as Lab Bearer. He said it was very challenging to manage KAS preparations while doing job. Talking to Whimbrell international, Sarfaraz who secured 1382 marks says that he was stunned to hear that he qualified the prestigious Exam of the state;
“Ultimately hard work and dedication pays, he chooses Political Science and Urdu literature as his optional subjects insists his idealism will not be watered down in future years, which he will not allow himself to be influenced.”
“I am a product of my circumstances that has been wrought with hardships.’’
He has received his early education from Marryland Public School Newa Pulwama faraway from his village. “I walked 02 kilometers to school barefoot. The people laughed at me. For them it was insane to walk so far to study. He was on cloud nine when he achieved top rank in Kashmir University The first flash of success only kindled the fire in him.
Born in an agricultural hub of Singo Narbal Pulwama, Sarfaraz credits his success to his family, especially his Mother, Father, brother in law, and teachers.
“My brother was working in the field to let me study at home”, he said.
Sarfaraz believes that his motive to work for betterment of general masses was the main reason of his dedication and thinks that an administrative post allows more space and more freedom in doing so
“I have all along been the yearning to work towards the betterment of the masses and an administrative job does give me more opportunity to do so”.
“I preferred civil services because it provides immense respect and much bigger platform to serve my people’’.
Moreover, Dr Alama Iqbal’s poetry kept him activated both philosophically and psychologically, he added.

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